You Could Have Been Her

What if it were you?


Under Her is on a mission to support women in personal ways that are often overlooked or not talked about. By providing essentials like bras, underwear, pads and tampons, we aim to give women dignity and lift them up when they need it most.

Sound funny? It’s not. A lot of us have been “her.”

If you’ve ever been a woman seeking a job but didn’t have undergarments that looked right under professional clothes, or you didn’t have enough money to buy sanitary items, then you get it. These items are expensive necessities. Yet they – and the women who can’t afford them – are often overlooked.

How We Help Her

Under Her wants to turn that around by collecting and distributing these essentials to area shelters, pantries and churches. We want these women to know they are important.

The ladies leading this movement understand all too well what can happen to women who are down and out and don’t get a hand up. It’s more than a physical need. It’s a physiological one. Knowing someone cares and receiving these simple items can make all the difference in a women’s life – and her family’s.

How You Can Help Her

Here’s how you can help make a difference in a personal way:

  • Donate new or gently-used bras that work well under professional clothing
  • Donate new, wrapped tampons and/or pads41631507_733138577036543_5734001989809864704_o (1)
  • Refer us to a retail store willing to donate sanitary items or gift cards
  • Donate to our digital startup fund so we can spread the word and help the most women possible (Your donation will be used to help us upgrade our website, increase our marketing efforts and coordinate larger collections.)

Help us keep her covered because it’s the right thing to do. And because you could have been her.