Historical Colonial Camp‏

A Historical Colonial Camp

For Children 

What was it like to be a kid in 18th century Colonial Virginia?  To have heard Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Liberty” speech?  Come spend five mornings with us and find out! 

Historic Dumfries and the Weems-Botts Museum will help you see how a child would have dressed, used manners, played and lived in Colonial Virginia! Learn to make colonial foods and churn butter, stencil designs, do candle dipping,  quill pen and ink writing, make clay beads, and learn how to play and dance like you’re living in 18th century Virginia!  Join George Washington and Patrick Henry and explore the meaning of “Liberty.” Take a scavenger hunt in the oldest chartered town in Virginia, make a colonial wig or mop cap, and participate as one of the members of the “Dumfries Resolves.” 

$100 for a Five-day interactive camp, free scholarships are available!  Snacks and supplies are included in fees. Please bring a bagged lunch. Participants meet at Merchant Park.  

Session:  July 7-11, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. This is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 10.

Please call Joann Barron at (703)221-2218 


Registration Form:  Confirmation will be sent two weeks in advance of program.  Please return this form to: HDV



Historic Dumfries Virginia  

3944 Cameron St.  

Dumfries, VA  22026

Participant Name: ___________________________________________ 


Age: ______    Gender: ____ 

Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________ Alternate Phone: ____________________________________________  Emergency Contact & Phone: __________________________________

Allergies: ___________________________________________________ 

Special Interests: _____________________________________________

Person (s) Authorized to Pick My Child Up: __________________________________________________________


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